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a stimulating practice

During our interviews with the many health professionals (medical and paramedical) who will join our multidisciplinary medical house, we have noticed a common desire to work together and close to each other. This makes it easy to discuss patient care and to benefit from a maximum of tools to exercise our practice in optimal conditions. The information networks, the exchange between the various care providers and the presence of a complete technical platform will act as a formidable lever for raising the level of practices and knowledge of the professionals present in our centre.

red tape

- Consumable management, setting up grouped orders

- Purchase of equipment and management of the maintenance of computer and electronic equipment 

- Accountant on site (production of the balance sheet and declarations)

Pleasant workspace

- Dedicated office and quality equipment

- Sports and relaxation room available to doctors and staff. 

- Cafeteria on site 

Participation in training
young doctors 

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