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Our specialties.

Our medical team is made up of experienced practitioners who are all experts in their specialty.

Cap Horn Santé has also forged solid partnerships with reputable structures in their fields, such asIPCC(cardiology),The laboratory(biology) or IGP (medical imaging).

Sector 1

Gynecology - General Medicine - Pediatrics - Neurology - Dermatology


This service account 6 general practitionersas well as15 medical specialists  grouping together all of Cape Horn's medical and surgical services. These practitioners have the ability to communicate with each other as well as with other departments (emergency department, radiology, biology) using a shared folder.

Cap Horn Montreuil - Our team

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Examen de l'articulation du genou


Implantology - Oral surgery - Pedodontics - Prosthetics - Aesthetics...

cap_horn_dentaire 62.jpg

Doctor Beruben of the Dental Clinic ofCape Horn specializes inimplantologyoral surgery et pedodontics. He practices modern dentistry, focused on the quality of care and the prevention of pain. In this sense, a dental emergency service is provided all day and without appointment.

The entire practice of dentistry is offered to patients:

  • Care: caries, endodontics, prevention and prophylaxis

  • Prosthesis: dental and implant crowns, bridges.

  • Surgery: extractions of wisdom teeth, implants, bone grafts.

  • Aesthetics: veneers, bleaching


The Dental Clinic practices third-party payment for social security and mutuals.

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Téléphone : 01 84 74 74 22

Email :

Sector 2

Functional treatments - Orthodontic therapies


The team oforthodontic centeraccompanies you for all your treatments children, adolescents, adults. For kidsfunctional treatments will be proposed. These are devices intended to restore functions (phonation, swallowing, ventilation). For teenagers and adults, orthodontic treatment will be proposed.

All treatments are performed with equipmenthigh technology

Cap Horn Montreuil - Our team

Sector 2

Scanner - MRI -Eultrasound - Bone densitometry - Mammography - Cone beam - X-ray


The medical team is made up of6 organ specialist radiologists(former heads of clinics at Paris hospitals).

All diagnostic examinations are carried out in our center. We also perform biopsies, infiltrations and other interventional procedures.

Cap Horn Montreuil - Our team


Sector 1

Unscheduled care (without an appointment)


In coordination withgeneral practitionersAndthe specialistsof the structure we offer care of great professionalism and great technicality for all medical requests that cannot wait several days.Suture, cast, burns, as well asrapid biological assessmentswill be possible in this service for allchildren and adults from the age of 1 year.

Cap Horn Montreuil - Our team

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Sector 2

Eultrasound - Stress test - Holter room ECG - MRI - Scanner

Cardiologie ICPC

This centre, run by a team of10 cardiologists, provides ongoing care to all its patients. Cap Horn has a complete technical platform which includes:

  • counseling offices

  • cardiac ultrasound rooms

  • stress test rooms

  • a sleep pathology laboratory

  • a Holter ECG and blood pressure room

  • a service  dedicated to cardiac scanners and MRIs

Cap Horn Montreuil - Our team


Sector 2

Aesthetic and anti-aging medicine - Micro surgery - Grafts and implants,...

Chirurgie esthétique

The Cape Horn aesthetic medicine service, is a member of the groupPheonix aesthetic, 1erFrench group in aesthetic medicine. The aesthetic platform consists oftreatment roomsequipped des technologies lesmore efficientof this domain.

Cap Horn Montreuil - Our team

  • Micro surgery

  • Medical otoplasty

  • Hair transplant & implants 

  • Laser & electric hair removal

  • Injection of hyaluronic acid & botox 

  • Mesotherapy for face, hair & body

  • Thread remeshing

  • Cryolipolysis

  • Hydrafacial

  • emsculpt

  • wonder

  • LED treatment



The new Cape Horn pharmacy put everything inwork  to meet your needs in terms of health, well-being, cosmetics, orthopedics and appliances.

Cap Horn Montreuil - Timetable

Monday to Saturday

8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Du lundi au vendredi

8h30 - 20h


Sector 2

Medical and surgical conditions of the eye

THE ophthalmologistsfrom Cape HornParis Hospital graduatesprovide consultations by appointment and on an emergency basis.


They have ahigh-performance technical platform for the diagnosis and treatment of all medical and surgical conditions.

Cap Horn Montreuil - Our team

Cap Horn Champs-sur-Marne - Contact

Téléphone : 01 84 74 74 25

Site web:


Sector 2

Osteopathy - Physiotherapy - Podiatry - Speech therapy - Psychology - Hearing aids


The paramedical service consists of paramedical consultation boxes and a section dedicated tophysiotherapydivided into several individual treatment rooms and a technical platform (gymnasium).

​In the gymnasium, all the materials necessary for rehabilitation, ensure the work of muscle strengthening, proprioception, endurance... The professionals are present to provide you with complete support and appropriate care.

Cap Horn Montreuil - Our team

Cap Horn Champs-sur-Marne - Prendre rendez-vous

Pour plus d'informations, vous trouverez les coordonnées de chaque spécialiste ci-dessous.


Sector 1

Analyzes - Samples - Research

The Cap Horn medical center laboratory is a medical biology laboratory of the groupThe laboratory,which has 16 laboratories in Paris and Île-de-France.

The laboratory welcomes its patients for routine medical analyses, such asblood, urine, stool, or bacteriological samples. The laboratory is approved by social security.

Cap Horn Montreuil - Our team

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