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Spécialistes médicaux

Join the Cape Horn team.

Our values

For us, kindness and respect are fundamental values. We put the satisfaction and well-being of our patients and employees at the heart of our priorities.

Our mission

Fight against medical wandering and allow continuity of care. Allow practitioners to practice in a stable environment and welcome patients warmly.

Our needs

We are looking for healthcare professionals to join our dynamic team and strengthen our commitment to providing quality care.


Offrir aux médecins une pratique stimulante et pluridisciplinaire

  • Travailler de concert avec les nombreux professionnels de santé (médicaux et paramédicaux),

  • Echanger facilement sur la prise en charge des patients via des staffs mensuels,

  • Bénéficier d’un maximum d’outils mis à disposition (Dr Santé, Doctolib…) pour exercer notre pratique dans des conditions optimales,

  • Présence d’un plateau médico-technique complet (Imagerie médicale et laboratoire),

  • Participation à la formation des jeunes médecins.

Management of administrative burdens

  • Consumable management, setting up bulk orders

  • Purchase of equipment and management of the maintenance of computer and electronic equipment 

  • Accountant on site (production of the balance sheet and declarations)

Pleasant workspace

  • Dedicated offices and quality equipment

  • Sports and relaxation room available to doctors and staff.

  • Cafeteria on site


Are you a health professional, radio operator, secretary? Send us your application.

PATIENT: For all medical appointment requestsClick here. Any appointment request via this form will not be processed.

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