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Infirmière Prise de notes

For the

Optimize support

In order to limit the iterative movements of patients and to allow them to obtain a rapid diagnosis, we have brought together all the health actors within the same structure. 

We have also set up clear and precise care pathways that will prevent medical wandering, duplicate examinations and lost sightings. 


The collaboration between the various stakeholders of our health center thanks to the shared medical file and the weekly staff will guarantee patients a coordinated and multidisciplinary care within our structure. 


Our project will thus meet the needs of patients as well as our professional requirements of quality of care and respect for the patient. 

Ensure continuity of care

The operation of our structure will allow us to receive patients without an appointment in the unscheduled care service which will be managed by emergency doctors with a similar operation to that of an emergency service._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_


Thanks to the collaboration of the imaging department and the laboratory, our commitment is to provide the patient with care in less than an hour in the event of mild to moderate pathology. 

Foster collaboration
city hospital

We have established collaborations with several hospital structures that are committed to taking care of our patients quickly if necessary. 

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